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Widow of Florida teen who lost battle to cancer: He leaves behind a powerful legacy

Posted at 4:43 PM, Feb 27, 2018

VALRICO, Fla. — Dustin Snyder, a Valrico teenager with terminal cancer who married his childhood sweetheart, passed away last week. Now, his widow is preparing to say her final goodbye.

It's Mrs. Sierra Snyder's happiest memory. The day they finally said I do.

"It's a love that's to the infinity," she said.


Dustin married his high school sweetheart, Sierra Siverio, less than one month ago, just four days after their engagement, choosing to not waste any time.  

When doctors told Dustin Snyder he only had weeks left to live, he chose to make the most of the time he had left. His final wish came true just four day after he became engaged to his hlater as Dustin and Sierra tied the knot.

"He didn't go to sleep the night before the wedding because he was afraid that he was going to pass away," she described.

Dustin held on for three more weeks. A rare form of cancer called synovial sarcoma made her husband weaker and weaker. On his final day, Sierra saw him take his last breath.

"And he didn't take another breath and I was like 'Oh my gosh. It's happening,'" she said.

Despite the pain, peace overtook her.

"I know he's not suffering anymore so I'm ok," said Sierra, "I'd rather have the pain of losing him than he be here in pain."

On Wednesday, February 28, his family will bury him, but money won't be a worry. Strangers and friends helped crowdfund nearly $42,000. It's the money that helped the young couple get married so fast in the first place.

"I used to think there weren't a lot of good people in this world," she said. "But I'm glad that there actually is and it taught me to be generous."

Their story touched hearts around the world, with headlines reaching New Zealand, Germany, Italy, the U.K and others.

Sierra says Dustin leaves behind a powerful legacy.

"Love, he has so much love. For everyone, it's crazy how much love he gives off."

The memories keep her going one day at a time. The 21-year-old plans to finish school. She also hopes their story will inspire others.

"Just enjoy every minute you can with the people you love," she advised.