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Out-of-work Floridians will once again be required to report work searches to the state

Work search requirement waiver set to expire
Posted at 8:15 PM, May 13, 2021

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Come June 1, out-of-work Floridians will again be required to search for work and report those efforts to the state.

On Wednesday, the Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) launched what it's calling a "return to work" initiative.

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DEO Secretary Dane Eagle said the bottom line is that 400,000 jobs are out there, vaccines are available and the federal unemployment benefits won't last forever.

“Obviously the goal here is to help everyone find employment. There is hope on the horizon, 400,000 jobs are out there, we want to help connect you with those jobs," Eagle said.

DEO announced there will also be a tool for employers to report if someone is not following state requirements.

“So if you’re applying for a job and not showing up for an interview or refusing suitable work, that is going to be reported to us and you will no longer be able to collect unemployment," Eagle said.

Some people claiming unemployment benefits have voiced concerns about the state's failing website, CONNECT, and its ability to keep up with all of the work searches that will be entered into the system after Memorial Day.

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At least eight states have said they will opt out of the $300 enhanced federal unemployment benefits, in an effort to get more people back into the workforce.

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Eagle said that's not off the table for Florida, but that he's focused on connecting people with jobs.

From DEO:
An accurate work search record may include, but is not limited to, registering for work and reemployment services with a local CareerSource Center, completing a job application in person or online, mailing a job application or resume, making in-person visits with potential employers, interviewing with potential employers, or registering for work with employment or placement agencies to name a few.

Determining your required number of work searches