Joe Biden holds 9% lead in Florida's Democratic Primary race, latest poll says

Posted at 1:31 PM, Feb 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-27 13:41:56-05

Former Vice President Joe Biden has jumped out to a lead in the Florida Democratic Primary race with just about three weeks to go before Floridians go to the polls, the latest numbers from St. Pete Polls say.

Just two weeks ago, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was out in front with 27.3% of the vote. But now Biden has taken a commanding 9-point lead over Bloomberg, with the other candidates lagging farther behind.

Feb. 14 Feb. 27
Michael Bloomberg: 27.3% Joe Biden: 33.8%
Joe Biden: 25.9% Michael Bloomberg: 24.9%
Undecided: 11.2% Bernie Sanders: 13.0%
Pete Buttigieg: 10.5%Undecided: 9.6%
Bernie Sanders: 10.4% Pete Buttigieg: 7.8%
Amy Klobuchar: 8.6% Elizabeth Warren: 5.4%
Elizabeth Warren: 4.8% Amy Klobuchar: 4.1%
Tom Steyer: 1.3% Tom Steyer: 1.4%

Here is how the polls stacked up from Feb. 14 compared with Feb. 27 according to St. Pete Polls.

Biden was the early frontrunner, but had taken a bit of a dip in the polling. However, he regained his spot at the top of the polls in Florida this time, perhaps due to a shaky debate performance from Bloomberg.

Bernie Sanders is still the frontrunner in the national polls, as the latest poll from the Economist/YouGov, Sanders is polling at 30%, compared to Biden's 20%.

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South Carolina's primary is next on Saturday, followed by Super Tuesday, when the majority of the delegates will be awarded.

Florida's Presidential Preference Primary is on March 17.