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Homeowners, nurseries prepare for freeze warning by covering plants

Posted at 9:51 PM, Jan 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-17 23:13:19-05

TAMPA, Fla.— Homeowners and nurseries were preparing for a freeze warning on Wednesday night by covering their plants to protect them from frost damage.

Leslie Vaughan says two weeks ago she covered her plants and on Wednesday she dug blankets again.

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"I keep all my old sheets even if they've got holes in them. I have my old electric blanket that's probably older than me," said Vaughan.

Garden experts say homeowners should use blankets or frost cloths to protect plants. Covers should extend to the ground to trap the heat.

"I've had hibiscus for like 24 years. I guess I'm doing it right," laughed Vaughan.

Experts say homeowners should also turn off in ground irrigation systems before freezing temperatures arrive. Nurseries are also getting ready for colder weather.

Green Thumb Nursery in Tampa says it has moved its inventory to greenhouses.

"Some of our greenhouses stay up to 65 degrees so they stay pretty warm. We spray some water on the floor. It evaporates during the day and keeps it nice and warm," said Steven Rey, Assistant Manager at Green Thumb Nursery.

"We're expecting it to get down to 29 degrees so that's freezing so a lot of the plants we have here are tropical," added Rey.

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