Farmers protecting tender crops from the rare mid-March cold weather

Posted at 11:28 PM, Mar 15, 2017

Farmers are using a variety of methods to try to protect their crops as temperatures drop overnight.

Their concern is losing a large number of crops, which could cost them thousands of dollars and it could impact your pocket too. Farmers said it is rare to experience cold weather like this in mid-March.

"Higher grocery store prices and the price you pay for a blueberry or a tomato or any of the freeze sensitive crops, if they get taken down, then the volumes go down and the prices could go up," Dan Ebbecke, owner of D & S Blueberry Farm, said.

Ebbecke used a variety of methods to protect his crops Wednesday. He covered the crops that are much more sensitive to cold weather with frost blankets. He also used a product called Desikote.

Joan Casey with JG Ranch also used Desikote on her crops.

"It's clear. It's like you putting on clear nail polish," Casey said.

The thin layer is supposed to protect crops from freezing in high 20 degree weather.

"You can pick one of those up and eat one right now and it wouldn't hurt you," Casey said.

Farmers are optimistic these cold temperatures will not destroy their crops. If the area receives a number of back to back cold nights, it could impact next year's crop.

"You're one cold night away from disaster in this kind of business," Ebbecke said.

Check in with the latest weather updates as this weather system continues to move through our area.



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