Palm Harbor Pharmacy working to vaccinate as many people as possible in the community for COVID-19

Posted at 6:28 AM, Mar 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-24 07:49:47-04

PALM HARBOR, Fla. — Palm Harbor Pharmacy is a locally-owned shop that started vaccinating the community for COVID-19 on March 1.

“This is the first week that we’re seeing our second doses back, so logistically it’s been a lot going on, but everyone has been so happy and appreciative, and we are too,” said Nicolette Mathey, Pharmacist and Owner of Palm Harbor Pharmacy.

She says the state contacted them and chose them as a vaccine center.

“It’s exciting to see progress and hopefully we’re nearing the end of this pandemic and we’re just happy to be able to find a way to help,” said Mathey.

Palm Harbor Pharmacy has been given the Pfizer vaccine. Mathey says it’s required a lot of planning on their part to make sure they’re storing the vaccine properly.

“Pfizer is the most challenging one because it has to maintain the cold chain. So once we receive them from the county they’re out of that deep cold freezer and they have to be used up within five days. Once the vial is punctured we have six hours to use that vial. I’m happy to say we haven’t wasted a single dose,” said Mathey.

She says her team has been on top of maintaining vaccine appointments and waitlists so every dose gets used.

As more people become eligible to get vaccinated, the pharmacy has been preparing to be able to give the shot to as many people as possible.

Mathey and her team have also been doing offsite vaccine clinics at senior living communities and churches.

"We’re just so happy that our hands are able to help and that we’re in a position to help and we hope that together we can just end this and get back to normal,” said Mathey.

For more information on how to get a vaccine at Palm Harbor Pharmacy or join their waitlist, click here.