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Bucs' fan writes, raps Buccaneers Super Bowl anthem

Season ticket holder James Elliott passionately sings about his Bucs
James Elliott Bucs song
Posted at 3:32 PM, Feb 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-06 08:49:25-05

TAMPA, Fla — The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are playing in their first super bowl since the 2002 season and fans want to sing about it.

Bucs’ long time fan and season ticket holder James Elliot wrote and produced a Buccaneers' rap anthem before the NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers.

“This song is 100% a passion project,” Elliot said. A friend of mine, a Packers fan, was running his mouth and sent me this crappy freestyle Bucs song. He said you should do one. You know what, maybe I will.”

45 minutes later, Elliot had his masterpiece called “Buc Em Up.”

“The writing it was the easiest part,” he said. “I’ve lived Buccaneers football for the last 25 years so it’s not hard.”

James, who also goes by DurtE and lives in Pennsylvania, named off nearly every Bucs player on the roster in his lyrics, except…

“I know two that I didn’t. Sean Murphy-Bunting and Jordan Whitehead,” Elliott said. “Shout out to them. If this (song) makes it, I’m sorry. I just ran out and it was already released.”

His favorite part of the song is this last line where he called his shot with the Bucs winning the Super Bowl on its home field in Tampa.

“We’ll still hold the Lombardi Trophy over our head in front of our fans,” the song goes.

“I have a very passionate feeling and trust if you love the Bucs and you hear this song, you are going to want cannon fire immediately,” Elliot said. “Let’s go!”

You can listen to his full song here.