Some Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans aren't excited about next season after having their tickets revoked

Posted at 2:45 AM, Apr 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-28 02:50:32-04

Thursday night Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans celebrated the team's first round pick, Alabama tight end O.J. Howard. Some fans told us they are not happy about the upcoming season.

A few season ticket holders recently found out the organization revoked their seats because they sold them to other people.

ABC Action News spoke with Ed Crowe who said the Bucs revoked his tickets.

"I did nothing wrong. I'm not scalping tickets. I've been a season ticket holder. It's through their entity and encouragement that we sold them you know," Crowe said.

The Buccaneers told ABC Action News they want their loyal fans to have access to their best seats and they are going after a small number of people who are selling more than half of their tickets.

"Had I gotten a warning, sure, I wouldn't have….have done that. I had no idea they don't like that," Crowe said.

Crowe said he is upset because he sold the tickets through the approved NFL website.


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Some fans who attended Thursday night's Draft Party at Raymond James Stadium told ABC Action News they had no clue what happened to some season ticket holders.

"I think if they're legit selling it through the NFL Exchange, it's something that the Bucs they signed up for when they became part of the NFL," Reno Sprague said.

Sprague is a season ticket holder. He said he sees both sides.

"I don't think it's cool, if they're getting the raw end of the deal for no good reason, but if like they're saying they're selling tickets the whole time, than why not," Sprague said.

Other fans said they do not think this will taint the image of the team.

"Well, everybody can't make every game, unfortunately, but when you are a season ticket holder I think you should come and support your team," Deedee Core, who is a season ticket holder, said.

The Buccaneers said they constantly review their policies and in some cases reverse their decision.