What if the Seminole Heights killer never kills again?

Sometimes killers wait years in between murders
Posted at 6:59 PM, Oct 27, 2017

Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer, and the BTK killer all have one thing in common. They killed their victims over the course of years, sometimes waiting months in between murders and in the case of the BTK killer, even years.

"Some may stop some rare cases you do see in rare cards they become family men and have a life," Dr. Nydia Conrad  who is a Tampa Psychologist who has sat face-to-face with killers in prison, conducting their mental evaluations.

She says for most repeat murderers it is the thrill of the kill that drives them. 

"A lot of these guys will be doing these things because they want to feel that adrenaline and they want to feel that excitement and it’s pretty thrilling," she says. 

It's an impulse Dr. Conrad says is always there, even if the killer takes a break.

"Reasons that you might see this spacing can be fear of getting caught, or they take a break, sometimes they move on to other cities. But what I would say is that no matter what the anti-social personality traits remain. He may not be killing anymore but it’s something that is part of the personality at that point," says Dr. Conrad.

And just because a killer stops, doesn't mean they won't get caught.

The BTK killer was arrested 14 years after his last murder.