Two people kicked out of Clinton event as campaign trail heats up

Bill Clinton stumps for Hillary in Safety Harbor
Posted at 11:23 PM, Oct 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-11 23:23:15-04

Former President Bill Clinton campaigned for his wife on their 41st anniversary.

He spoke to a crowd, Tuesday evening, at the Safety Harbor Community Center. About 300 people were allowed in the room and there were hundreds in another room, who were listening to Clinton speak. ABC Action News was told there were hundreds of people, who were turned away because there wasn't any space for them at the event.

The event was interrupted briefly by two people, who called Bill Clinton a rapist. They were kicked out.

Clinton's response to the crowd about the disruption," give this guy a hand. They've had a terrible week and he's just gotta do this".

Polls indicate Hillary Clinton is ahead of Republican candidate Donald Trump.

"I look at Hillary. She has all the experience we need. Trump doesn't have anything," Scott Hunter, a voter, said.

Bill Clinton spoke about a number of Hillary's plans, which include improving the economy, adding jobs, and tuition free school.

"I think really they need to pay attention to the policies and differences. When I listen to Trump, he doesn't have any solid policies or details," Victoria Gallaher, a voter, said.

People have been given more time to register to vote. The new deadline is now Wednesday at 5 p.m. A federal judge extended the deadline for voters to register after the Florida Democratic Party claimed Hurricane Matthew got in the way of people registering to vote. There is a hearing to discuss whether the deadline should be extended until next week.

"The one thing her opponent said in the debate (that) I'll tell you again he was right (about), she will never quit on you. So don't you quit on her," Former President Bill Clinton said.

The general election is Tuesday, November 8.

Donald Trump is scheduled to speak in Lakeland, Wednesday afternoon.