Gov. Scott making robocalls; new developments in the Battle over your money and your jobs

Posted at 7:54 PM, Feb 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-17 19:54:49-05

Governor Rick Scott is making phone calls across Tampa Bay.

"Tell your Rep, he can't vote again to kill Florida jobs," says the Governor in a recorded message targeted to voters in districts where lawmakers voted against  funding the Governor's economic incentives to companies.

The Governor is calling up voters to "call out"  lawmakers who are trying to kill his tax giveaways, giveaways the governor defends as investments in jobs.

"Why wouldn't you focus on, How do you create more jobs," says the Governor.

But after it came out that Rapper Pitbull charged Florida taxpayers a million dollars for a tourism video, the idea of dolling out dollars to corporations came under heavy fire.

House Speaker Richard Corcoran on a crusade to kill Enterprise and Visit Florida, launching a video on YouTube that calls for an end to Enterprise and Visit Florida --- the state agencies in charge of using tax payer money to motivate in companies to create jobs in Florida.

But now the speaker is facing criticism for showing that video to fellow Republicans at a private dinner in Tallahassee, and not allowing a Tampa Bay Times reporter inside.

For those against tax payer money going to companies, it's a matter of principal.

"They should not be having a systems i place that literally takes money out of your pockets and gives it to someone else  that's not fair, hats corporate welfare," says Andres Malve with Americans for Prosperity

For governor Rick Scott, creating jobs in Florida is rooted in a deep personal mission.

"I watched my dads car get repossessed , can you imagine your father losing his car , I watched my mom because she couldn't pay for healthcare," the Governor recalls.



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