Local father drinks rainwater in Puerto Rico to survive after Hurricane Maria

Situation in Puerto Rico is getting worse
Posted at 6:55 PM, Sep 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-27 06:10:38-04

Yami Feliciano and Yanelis Sierra are worried sick about their father, Juan Feliciano.

He is a U.S. Veteran, who lives in St. Petersburg . Juan went down to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Irma to check on his property. Then Maria came and now he is stranded, drinking rain water to survive.

"And it's... Frustrating knowing that he's there along with everybody else," says daughter Yanelis Sierra. "And you feel helpless not only for him but for everybody else. "

"I think everybody's focused on San Juan but they forget that there is other places they need help," says daughter Yami Feliciano. "There are tiny towns that don't have any communication."

"It's difficult being here. And you have this sense of guilt laying on your bed knowing you have food while your family, friends and 3.4 million people are without shelter," says Sierra. "People need to understand P.R. is part of the United States. We are American citizens and aside from politics we need help. We are in a crisis."

And two daughters are begging for someone to get their father out of hellish conditions.

"It's time for everyone to realize that we need the help," says Sierra.

The crisis is becoming more complicated day-by-day, especially distributing relief supplies once they get on the ground in Puerto Rico.

Elvis Palacios is teaming up with Trinity Outreach of Tampa Bay to collect storage units full relief supplies. Unfortunately he is hitting the road block of red tape.

"There are things that are sitting in or as we speak that is not being delivered right now," says Palacios. "Different entities who are stopping and letting us do what we want to do getting the stuff to Puerto Rico."

A man on a mission to get to Puerto Rico.

"There's nothing that's going stop us from helping our family, point blank period," Palacios says.

Feliciano's daughters and Palacios both now have one common goal: help Puerto Rico now.