Inside the body language of the possible killer in the Seminole Heights video

What you should pay attention to
Seminole Heights killer may have cased out areas
Posted at 6:59 PM, Oct 25, 2017

It is the number one clue Tampa Police have made public in the Seminole Heights killings.

The surveillance video of a person walking near the location and around the same time the night the first victim, Benjamin Mitchell, was killed.

"We don't know that this is the suspect. But the highlight for our community to be observant," says former Atlanta Assistant Police Chief Richard Mullan.


We showed him the video and these are his big takeaways.

"Seems to be distracted with the phone and that could be a ploy to not draw attention to themselves," he says. "It looks like a casual stroll not like someone who's not nervous or someone who's done something wrong. My observation is he doesn't appear to be going to point A to point B with a purpose."

Purpose is exactly what Mullan says the killer did before the murders. Meaning just because his victims appear to be random, doesn't mean the killer acted on pure impulse.

"Either surveillance the suspect or the location or both it's highly likely even the lone wolf or terrorist act they usually case the joint," he says.

And if you have surveillance cameras at your home you can register them with the Tampa Police Department. It essentially lets your cameras become part of the city wide data base of digital eyes. So far 200 people have signed up.