USF Police warn students about man impersonating officer

Posted at 11:24 PM, Jan 31, 2017

University of South Florida police issued a warning to students about a man, who pretended to be a cop, lying to a student he met on a dating app.

"I was honestly scared for my safety and other people's safety. We don't know whose coming onto campus," one student said.

Another student said, "I was pretty creeped out. I mean it's really scary how quickly someone can use....say they're someone else".

Officers said Christopher Levins pretended to be a cop to a USF student through a dating app.

"He was using that to lure's who I am. I'm trying to impress you," Renna Reddick with USF Police said.

USF police investigated, but they did not charge Levins.

"We are aware that he pretended to be an officer, but he didn't commit a crime against this person or anything like that," Reddick said.

Officers wanted to notify students about the suspicious incident, saying Levins went as far as wearing an ear piece.

"We hope that no one has encountered this individual, but we don't know that and so our goal is to put out those community notifications to get information," Reddick said.

Police said Levins has a history, arrested for a firearm and impersonating an officer. They said he was on probation and was not supposed to be in Hillsborough County at the time.

"It's nice that we know so we can be on the lookout. That this stuff is real and happening where we live," a student said.

USF police said Levins is not associated with the university. They said another agency took Levins into custody. They also said they are not aware of any other suspicious incidents.