Tampa felon bites fingers tips off

Posted at 7:07 PM, Feb 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-26 19:07:20-05
Authorities in Tampa have been looking for Kirk Kelly for about six months.
He was wanted on a probation violation. Police said he's known for selling drugs and guns.
Early Sunday morning he was finally found near Akron, Ohio.
He tried to lie about who he was, but it's not hard to see where's he from.
He's got 813 and Port Tampa tattoos, even what looks like a Rays logo.
He couldn't hide those. But he did try and hide his finger prints in a most gruesome way.
"Given where he was and the the time of day. It's safe to say they weren't selling girl scout cookies," said Tallmadge police chief Ronald Williams.
Ohio police found Kelly by chance Sunday morning.
An officer pulled over the car he was in because the registered owner had a suspended license.
Kelly, who's alias include Cracka Boy, lied about who he was. Police said he even trying to use his younger brother's identity.
Then he over heard police say they were going to get a portable finger print scanner.
That's when police said he tried to bite the skin off his fingers.
"I've heard of people sanding them and so forth but I never had a person chew their fingers off during an investigative process. No that hasn't happened to me," said Chief Williams.
Biting those finger prints off got Kelly another charge for tampering with evidence.
He also tried to run away, but was quickly caught.
Police in Ohio eventually figured out who he was and that he sold guns.
A number of which may have been linked to possibly 15 murders in the Tampa area.
"I think it's shocking. And I think it explains why a person would chew their finger prints off," said Chief Williams.
Police said they don't what Kelly was doing in Ohio, but are sure he was up to no good.
Marijuana was found in the car.
Kelly will eventually be extradited back to Hillsborough County.
His record also includes arrest for robbery and aggravated battery.