Tampa choir to join Foreigner on stage for #1 hit song 'I want to know what love is'

Blake High School practices for appearance
Posted at 3:35 PM, Aug 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-02 17:35:47-04

Before taking the stage with rock royalty Tampa’s Blake High School choir has to warm up those voices. Director Joseph Galezcka is helping them knock off the summer rust.

“Please refrain from what I call the bar patron scream,” he told them during practice.

The opportunity came unexpectedly.

“There was just a huge amount of joy when I found out we made it,” said student Nathan West.

A group that’s sold more than 80 million albums, needs a little help with their biggest hit.

“It’s amazing. Everyone knows it,” said West.

For each concert, Foreigner picks a local choir to join them for the #1 hit song “I want to know what love is.”

“It’s just really moving. It has a lot of passion in it,” said choir member Brianna Marti.

None of these kids were alive when the song topped the charts in 1984.

“My parents were really excited. They were geeking out a little bit,” said Martin.

Foreigner is giving the Blake choir a $500 donation. It will help them compete throughout the year.

This performance won’t be a competition. Just a thrill that will be hard to top.

“It’s going to be scary. But I think everyone is going to have fun. And that’s all that matters,” said West.