Tampa artist, once noticed by Lady Gaga for artwork, now commissioned by Cirque Du Soleil

Posted at 5:39 PM, Feb 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-26 17:39:36-05

In November 2017, Cam Parker was noticed by Lady Gaga.

The Tampa artist created a large scale mural just outside of Downtown Tampa, in hopes that the Grammy award winner would notice his artwork inspired by her.  

Well she did more than notice at her November show in Tampa. She also brought Parker’s art on stage and posted about it on social media, catapulting his name and work in front of so many.

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Now Parker has earned international exposure with Cirque Du Soleil, a Canadian entertainment company touted as the largest theatrical producer in the world. 

They commissioned Parker to paint a 25-foot mural on the side of The Warehouse Lofts on Florida Avenue in Seminole Heights. Parker says it’s about more than just art, it’s also about unity.

“I feel like music is universal. Art is universal and when we can all come together and be like, ‘Wow! Oh my! That’s cool,’ together, that’s like a common thread,” said Parker.

Steven Ross, with the current Cirque Du Soleil show in Tampa, Volta, says Cirque and Parker just made a perfect fit.

“Cirque Du Soleil always tries to leave a creative gift when we leave a city and Volta is here until the 18th of March,” said Steven Ross with Cirque Du Soleil. “The message of the show is one of self-acceptance and it’s inspired by urban sports and urban arts. There was no better way for us to do this than with creative artist Cam Parker to create something for the people of Tampa.”

Ross said they plan to leave the mural up for years to come with possible additions as time goes on.