Tampa artist gets attention from Lady Gaga after she sees his painting of her

Posted at 6:23 PM, Nov 28, 2017

Cam Parker has been painting since he can remember. It’s truly his love.

Now he is painting someone he loves, Lady Gaga.

His new mural at the corner of Franklin Street and 7th Avenue , near Downtown Tampa has been turning heads.

"A lot of times, and depending on the day, I can't leave until it lets me leave it," said Cam Parker.

This isn’t his first mural in Tampa, but definitely the one that means the most to him as Lady Gaga is one of his idols.

“That mutual appreciation that she has for her fans and her fellow artists who are inspired by her and who she is inspired by inspires me," said Parker.

The painting is a bold statement that people have been noticing since he started painting it about three weeks ago. He says it’s his honor to have his work be part of the city he calls home.

"It's just humbling. That’s what gives me the battery charge to doing more,” said Parker.

It’s not just the City of Tampa who has noticed Parker’s work though.  Lady Gaga herself retweeted a video of his mural with the caption: “You certainly did make me cry.”



He is planning to bring a mini version of the mural to the Lady Gaga concert at Amalie Arena on Friday night in hopes she will really notice him.  It’s worked for Parker before!  He brought a painting of songstress Patty LaBelle and she brought him on stage at one of her concerts!

He would even settle for the multi-Grammy award winner to just take a selfie at the mural.  But Parker says even if that doesn’t happen, this is so much more than the art, it’s about adding something beautiful to the community.

“It’s just humbling,” said Parker. “It’s like thank you, thank you, thank you, I will never stop saying thank you to anybody.”