TAKING ACTION: Mother of toddler shot narrowly faces eviction

Tampa Housing Authority Rescinds Eviction
Posted at 6:52 PM, Nov 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-18 18:52:29-05

Tonight we're taking action. After we first reported that little Aaliyah had been shot, the news for her family got worse.The Tampa Housing Authority served them eviction papers essentially blaming the family for the shooting.

Just a few hours after getting a copy of the eviction papers, we got a call from the housing authority.

They say they've canceled the eviction notice. Stating they acted "prematurely" and without "enough factual information." Yet the letter did it's damage in shaking the family.

Just a day, after bringing her daughter back home from the hospital, Raneisha Simmons got hit with the letter.

"You all have no compassion for me and you all are not feeling my pain," she said.

The notice says she was getting kicked out for two reasons. First, a claim the father of her four kids  was living there illegally. Something she denies. Second, it says Simmons put other residents in danger.

"I don't see how I could put the lives in danger when I'm the a victim. I'm the victim," said Simmons.

She adds the trauma of the shooting, the hospital bills and now this. She's overwhelmed.

"There's just so much running through my brain, I can't even function," she said.

She calls her family strong and says despite every obstacle thrown her way she can only feel thankful.

"I give glory to God because I could have been dead," said Simmons, "My whole family could have been dead."

Simmons tells ABC Action News she still plans to move in the future but with more planning and money.