Police search for suspects in apartment shooting

Man shot, woman passenger forced out at gunpoint
Posted at 5:16 PM, Jan 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-16 17:16:16-05

An argument got out of hand when a man pulled out a gun and shot another. Now, Tampa Police are searching for the gunman and his friend.

Tampa Police say the shooting happened after 7 p.m. Monday night at the Post Rocky Point apartments. As the victim drove off in his car looking for help, his shooter followed. Just down the street at the Bahama Breeze parking lot, the situation had gotten worse.

Flashing lights and wailing sirens had neighbors peaking out of their apartment windows.

“I figured it wasn’t good." said Michael Besley. "When you see that many police cars show up that fast. It’s just incredible how many showed up that fast.”

According to TPD it all started as an argument between four people. 23-year-old Justin Sierra was in the car with a woman. Investigators tell us they all knew each other and have had problems in the past.

Suddenly, one of the suspects pulled out a gun and shot into the car striking sierra in the leg. That’s when Sierra hit the gas fleeing to the Bahama Breeze down the street.

“There’s the shooter! People in the parking lot told the cops, there’s the shooter," described Tracy Howard.

Her husband heard the aftermath from the third floor. At that moment she was trying to get into the complex. Tracy knew something was wrong as police zoomed by.

“That’s just too close for comfort, that’s very scary," she said.

Inside the restaurant Sierra was screaming for help. But didn’t know that outside the suspects had followed them. At gunpoint, they ordered the woman passenger to get out of the car. But shortly after they changed their minds and took off in their original car.

“Then it looked like a white car all of a sudden went flying through the Holiday Inn parking lot and four police cars took off chasing after the vehicle," said Besley describing the moments the suspects got away.
The unsettling news has neighbors taking some extra precautions.

"Just making sure the doors are locked and definitely be more aware coming in and out of the apartment, absolutely," said Howard.

We're told Sierra will be ok and that his injuries weren’t serious. Tampa Police say they have a pretty good idea as to who the suspects are and for that reason are not releasing any more information about them.