People stepping up to help brides and grooms affected by sudden venue closings

Posted at 11:17 PM, Jul 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-28 23:17:35-04

As couples scramble to find new wedding venues after it appears two closed, people are stepping up to help those brides and grooms.

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Laura Newton and Dylan Gross booked the 1930 Grande Room for their May wedding, but that venue and the Ivy Astoria appear to have closed their doors unexpectedly, leaving couples stranded.

“It’s super unprofessional, but it’s rude because people have entrusted you to take care of the biggest moment of their life and now it’s…I mean…now there is a cloud over it,” Newton said.

The couple paid a few thousand dollars to secure the venue and now they are unsure whether they will get their money back -on top of searching for a new wedding venue.

“We’re trying to be obviously optimistic about it and say if it wasn’t meant to be (what) not wherever we will be I’m sure it’ll be a lot better,” Gross said.

Editor of heard couples needed help so she posted a blog today, listing venues that are offering discounts because of this situation. Anna Coats said her website is geared to connect couples with vendors.

“Throughout the weekend, we’ll be updating (the site) to let couples know what venues are available, which ones are helping out, and they do really want to genuinely help,” Coats said.

Couples like Laura and Dylan have already started calling other venues like the Tampa Club.

“We had couples starting to call and we’re like they’re starting to become more frequent and they’re telling us they’re panicked and everything,” Brittany Erigo, Private Events Director at the Tampa Club, said.

The Tampa Club is ready to help couples by offering them promotions.

“I was a bride two years ago. I would never want that feeling so we’re going to step up to the plate (and) do anything we can to just alleviate the stress,” Erigo said.

Laura and Dylan said they are thankful there are venues in the Tampa Bay area willing to help.

“It’ll definitely cost us more, but at least we’ll have peace of mind with those venues that they’re not going to disappear,” Newton said.

For a list of some venues offering discounts, click here.

Cross Creek Ranch in Dover said couples can contact them too.

The Safety Harbor Resort and Spa said they normally offer various packages and they indicated they would help accommodate brides, if they need to book a last minute venue.