Police: Man attacks woman with wrench

Posted at 9:14 PM, May 27, 2016
Tampa police detectives released a composite sketch of a man, accused of attacking a woman with a crescent wrench in Hyde Park.
The incident happened May 10th at 6:10 a.m. The woman, who ABC Action News is not identifying, was with her dog and stopped briefly near Bern’s Park. She spoke with us before today about the attack and recounted what happened to her.
“The next thing I know, I'm being struck in the back of the head and then tackled like a bear hug,” the victim said.
She fought off her attacker. Authorities said they were able to release a composite sketch today because of a witness, who saw a man in his early 20’s, minutes before the attack happened.
"The fact that this woman was able to fight him off, I think that's great, but at the same time too he could be hurting other people and that's not okay,” Kiara Touros said.
Touros said she has walked in the area before.
"I've walked back to my friends place and I've walked back alone thinking ‘oh I'm fine, you know. I'll be okay’. But, no it's like egh -maybe that's not the best decision,” Touros said.
Leigh Graziano lives near Bern’s Park and she said she plans to share the picture of the composite sketch.
"I want people to know what this guy looks like. I want him caught. I want woman to be safe -other people to be safe- in my neighborhood,” Graziano said.
Graziano shutters at the thought she could have been his victim.
"When I learned it was in my own neighborhood, on my own street, I was just like whoa I need to change some of my habits,” Graziano said.
If anyone has any information about this case, contact Crime Stoppers at 1 (800) 873-8477.