Hurricane Michael evacuee says crooks stole almost everything he owned from his car

Posted at 10:50 PM, Nov 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-08 22:50:56-05

TAMPA, Fla. — A man who survived Hurricane Michael says he had nearly everything else he owned stolen from his car while staying in Tampa.

Police said two crooks broke into a total of 11 cars over the weekend. Police have arrested one man, Xavier Oliver, charging him with one count of auto burglary. Officers have not connected him to the 10 other cases because they are waiting for evidence to come back. Detectives need help identifying the second person caught on surveillance video.

One of those unsolved cases involves Ant’Juan Mosley’s car.

“Busy night for them I guess,” Mosley said.

Mosley is staying with friends in Tampa. He left Panama City two days after Hurricane Michael tore through his neighborhood. He and his girlfriend hid in the bathroom. Mosley does not have a home to go back to, right now, so he kept everything he still owned in his car.

“We didn’t want to crowd her house with all our stuff. Mainly, we just got it all just cooped up in the car,” Mosley said.

Mosley said the crooks stole items like shoes, book bags, and all of his documentation.

Detectives said the 11 cars were left unlocked. Mosley said he usually locks his car, but someone else accidentally left his it unlocked when they moved it to put down mulch in front of the house.

“I’m making sure mine (is) locked every second because I can’t afford to get anything else taken from me,” Mosley said.

If anyone has any information about the car break-ins, they need to call the Tampa Police Department. Authorities said the crimes happened from N. Nebraska Avenue to North 15th Street as well as 109th Avenue to Busch Boulevard.