Hillsborough ride-sharing vote expected next week

Posted at 11:21 PM, Sep 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-07 07:30:53-04

Members of the Public Transportation Commission could vote next week for stricter regulations on ride sharing companies.

Tuesday afternoon, a committee voted to move that proposal forward in order for it to go before the full PTC board for discussion.

The proposed regulations could mean stricter background checks, a $7 minimum fair and 7 minute wait time that companies like Uber and Lyft would have to follow.

"Today's vote is just the latest example of the PTC trying to push ride sharing out of Hillsborough County," Javi Correoso said.

Correoso is the FL Uber Spokesperson. He said in the past couple of days more than a 1,000 emails have been sent to the PTC in support of Uber.

"If these rules were to pass, it'd be the worst regulatory framework for companies such as Uber in the entire country," Correoso said.

Meanwhile, Marcus Carter, the CEO of DriveSociety disagrees.

"Uber (has) been quick to say that this is the worst rules for ride sharing in the country. I would make the argument that it's the best rules for the transportation industry as a whole in the country," Carter said.

Carter said he wrote the rules the PTC approved that will be presented to the full board next week.

"The reason I wrote the rules were that they're fair," Carter said.
Carter said he is for competition and wants to be clear he is not affiliated with the PTC, taxi or limo services.

"I'm an individual who started a ride sharing company based off of the deficiencies that I saw in the market as it existed," Carter said.

DriveSociety launches in Hillsborough County September 18.

But, companies like Uber said the proposed rules that will go before the PTC are unacceptable.

"They're focused on protecting the entrenched cab industry and this is just an attack against ride sharing," Correoso said.