Gov. Scott wants state lawmakers to approve $600 million in tax cuts

The governor wants more sales tax holidays
Posted at 7:24 PM, Jan 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-26 14:47:54-05
Inside a Tampa factory, Gov. Rick Scott packaged his plan to cut taxes.
"Our taxes have to be lower; regulations have to be less," Scott said.
Scott wants the Legislature to approve more sales tax holidays, including a 10-day break on back-to-school sales, a 9-day tax holiday on hurricane supplies, and a one-day camping tax holiday.
The governor also is proposing a three-day sales tax holiday for military veterans and a one-year elimination of sales taxes on college textbooks.
But his biggest bite out of taxes would be a boost to small businesses in high rent, hot spot areas such as Hyde Park in South Tampa. The Governor  wants to cut taxes on retail leases by 25%.
"We are the only state that has this tax," Scott said. "it puts our state at a competitive disadvantage."
But the governor may face an uphill battle in Tallahassee, where economic forecasters are predicting a tight budget year. Some lawmakers are questioning whether the state could afford the governor's giveaways.
Scott said the state has a $2.8 billion surplus.
"We've cut taxes 55 times since i got elected ... And what's happened.. revenues have skyrocketed," said Scott.