Former Jesuit school employee arrested again for trying to entice a juvenile online

Posted at 4:15 PM, Jul 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-03 17:40:29-04

TAMPA, Fla. — A former private school official was arrested again on Monday for allegedly seeking to entice a juvenile online.

Casey J. Parente, 25, of Tampa, was arrested and released from jail in April after someone tipped off officers saying he sent inappropriate messages and content to a student through a social media platform. 

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Parente used to work at Jesuit High School in Tampa as a registrar, but was fired after the school learned of the initial allegations against him. 

Tampa Police officers say that after he was released from jail, detectives learned that Parente, once again, made contact with a juvenile.

TPD detectives investigated and learned that Parente created a fake Snapchat profile posing as his ex-roommate. He then contacted a juvenile student pretending to be the ex-roommate and "confessed" to setting up Parente. During that contact, Parente also solicited the child for nude photos and implied he could change his grades in exchange for sex.

Parente was arrested Monday near his residence. He is charged with online enticement of a child, tampering with evidence, transmission of harmful material to a minor and unlawful use of a communication device.