Escalating war of words over tax dollars handed out to companies in exchange for jobs

House Subcomittee Approves Bill Killing Incentives
Posted at 9:44 PM, Feb 08, 2017

Governor Rick Scott expressing his frustration over the House's Bill to defund his economic incentive programs to companies that create jobs.

"It's shocking to me that anybody could think that way," says the Governor. "They don't care about people's jobs." 

The war of words heating up between the Governor and House Speaker Richard Corcoran, who's calls the incentives "corporate welfare."

"So they can play all the politics they want , but this is somebody's life," says the Governor.

"What you're seeing is people who want to run for higher office. They're  not concerned about people, they just think that's a nice sound bite."

The confrontation playing out as a key house committee met today to hear the bill. Business leaders from across the state speaking in protest.

Visit Florida  under heavy scrutiny after it came out the state paid rapper pitbull a million dollars for this rap video promoting tourism.

"If there is something you can do better you do it,  you don't say oh I'm never going to do it again," said the Governor.

Businesses like Aero Simulation in Tampa which builds flight simulators, say the Governor's incentives are more than just the money, it's also the powerful connections that can help them sell their product worldwide, creating jobs in the Bay Area.

"As a small business, I can't afford to have representatives in all different countries," says Russ Shepard.