Cuban-American family celebrates 55-year-old Thanksgiving tradition

Cuban Family Celebrates Thanksgiving Tradition
Posted at 7:16 PM, Nov 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-24 19:16:26-05
Four generations of a Cuban family under three different names-- The Quevedos, Servias, and Prietos.
All getting ready to eat. At least 70 members strong traveling from as far as California and Kentucky uniting at Lowry Park.
“There’s no dinner table, there is no inside," said Taralyn Sumner, a 4th generation family member.
Eating at the park is a nearly 60-year-old tradition. All starting with a sacrifice at the start of the Cuban Revolution. The family’s auto parts business was no longer theirs.
“The government came over one day and took it over," said Martha Servia, a 1st generation member.
The changing political system was one they could not stand.
“All that we had worked for was completely lost," said Servia.
So they escaped communist rule and came to the U.S., embracing what it means to be American. 
“If the pilgrims could do it, why not us?" she said.
Mix in a little fun at Lowry Park and add croquetas, pork and congris next to the Turkey and you’ve got a long-standing Cuban-American family tradition. They plan to keep the tradition going for another half a century, keeping alive values from both cultures. Values like feeling thankful.
“Truly grateful that they made the decision and sacrificed everything," said Sumner.
Also charity.
Every year, the family donates hundreds to local charities. Remembering to give today, remembering when they couldn’t.