City Council wants more options to decide fate of Ybor City roosters

Posted at 6:32 PM, Jun 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-07 20:00:17-04

TAMPA, FLA - The city council requested more options today before deciding the fate of Ybor City’s roosters.

This afternoon Code Enforcement told members of the city council there are 89 roosters in Centennial Park and it would cost $15,000 to trap them. Members of the city council voted on finding other options to reduce the rooster population in Ybor City.

Ybor residents appeal to city council: Change the ordinance protecting roosters

Some residents complain Ybor's wild chicken population is growing unnaturally large

One city council member suggested talking to farmers. The city council said they wanted to find a cost effective and humane way to handle the roosters.

“In all seriousness, if there is a way to keep the flock from exponentially growing, I think that is probably the best solution here,” Councilman Harry Cohen, District 4, said.

There are groups like Ybor Chickens Society that want to protect the chickens and they do not want the ordinance that protects the roosters changed.

“It’s not one side against the other in my mind. It’s about maintaining this treasure we have in a way that works for everyone,” Lynn Rattray, a volunteer for Ybor Chickens Society, said.

The city council will discuss those options during their next meeting on July 19.