Bayshore Little League calling on vandals to stop targeting field

Posted at 11:16 PM, Nov 07, 2016

A little league president wants to catch the vandals who have been destroying their new baseball field.

Bayshore Little League planned to unveil their new baseball field at the end of September, but that plan was delayed significantly because of vandals.

"Whoever is doing it, I need them to stop. I really do because if they don't... we'll catch them. There is not doubt," John White, the president of the league, said.

The vandalism started at the end of July. They were supposed to start using their new field by the end of September, but that did not happen.

"It feels like they're doing it to my house," White said.

White said they raised nearly $200,000 to build the field. This has been a dream for about 5 years.

"I suspect it's kids. I don't think any self respecting adult would do this to a league," White said.

White said they believe it will cost them an estimated $10,000 to fix the damage. He said they plan to purchase security cameras in the future. He predicts they will have to raise money to pay for those cameras.

"I don't know why it is that people find it funny and entertaining to destroy other people's property," Nell Abram, a parent of a player, said.

White said they will more than likely start using their field in time for the spring season, which starts in February.

"So with the vandalism here on the field and around the ballpark in general, it really has set us back and it has caused a lot of disruption with our fall league that’s going on right now," White said.