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Double murder suspect could go home after 7 years

Victim's family outraged after judge sets bail
Posted at 11:12 PM, Jun 21, 2018

RUSKIN, Fla. — A man arrested for a double murder could soon be out on bail after serving more than seven years in jail.

The victims were brothers, Juan and Sergio Guitron. 

The two were both shot dead while hanging out Thanksgiving morning in 2010 on a Ruskin porch.

Their cousin Frankie Cantu says his aunt will never get over losing both her sons.

“I can see the sadness and loneliness that she has in her eyes. That was her whole life. It devastated her.”

Now there is more pain, with word the man charged with killing the brothers, could be going home.

This week a judge approved Micheal Keetley’s request to set bail. 

And while it’s still a hefty $900,000, if he comes up with the money, he’ll be out on house arrest after spending more than seven years in jail.

“It’s ridiculous that the judge would even allow it,” said Cantu.

Investigators say Keetley was looking for revenge when he allegedly shot the brothers and four others who survived.

Investigators say Keetley was after the person that shot and robbed him while he worked in his ice cream truck months earlier.

As it turned out, the man Keetley wanted didn’t even live at the home.

The judge’s order says the state’s evidence has contradictions and discrepancies “based largely on circumstantial evidence.”

“I mean they may have not found a weapon that killed them, but they found the casings and everything about it,” said Cantu.

As of our last check, Keetly is still in jail.

His attorney, LeeAnn Goudie, tells ABC Action News he is indigent and would rely on family and friends to post the bond.  

“In light of the charges its a very reasonable but likely unattainable bond,” said Goudie.