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Supporters rally for 70-year-old woman tased in her home by Manatee County deputy

Posted at 5:21 PM, Dec 31, 2019
and last updated 2020-01-01 08:20:46-05

BRADENTON, Fla. — Supporters are rallying against police brutality after a 70-year-old woman was tased in her own home Dec. 26.

Cell phone video shows Manatee County deputy Jason Riley tasing 70-year-old Barbara Pinkney. Pinkney supporters say this is an example of racial issues that have plagued the community.

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Deputies came to her home with an arrest warrant last week for Pinkney's grandson, Tevin Turner.

"If you have a 70 year-old person, you’re coming to the door. You don’t know what kind of mental health state she’s in. Does she have dementia? Does she have a pace maker?" said Rodney Jones, activist.

Turner was not found inside the home and Pinkney was arrested for resisting. The deputy says she was pushing him.

Under Florida law, deputies are allowed to enter a home with an arrest warrant if they have reason to believe a suspect is inside.

Right now, the video is being investigated to see whether deputies used excessive force to get inside.

Manatee Co. deputy tases 70-year-old woman while attempting to make arrest at her home (cell phone footage)

"To forcefully do what they were doing I think it's the worse thing in the world and they go as far as to stun gun her three times. Three times, a 70-year-old woman. I can’t believe that that is part of their training," said Jones.

Activist Rodney Jones helped organize the rally.

Jones was arrested at a Manatee County school board meeting in October after speaking out of turn and then arguing with officers. Charges against him were dropped.

"We’re just standing up against racism. We stand up not just for black people. We stand up for all of the oppressed. Its not just black people. A lot of people are experiencing bad things but here in Manatee County, it is definitely targeted behavior toward blacks," said Jones.

The deputy involved in this incident is on administrative duties until the investigation is complete.

The sheriff’s office is attempting to obtain more videos that may have been taken inside the home at the time.

People at the rally say they don’t want this incident swept under the rug.