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Manatee County deputy tases 70-year-old woman while attempting to make arrest at her home

70-year-old tased Manatee County
Posted at 5:44 PM, Dec 29, 2019

BRADENTON, Fla. — A Manatee County deputy is seen tasing a 70-year-old woman, while attempting to arrest a man they believed was inside her home, in a video.

The incident happened at a Bradenton home on December 26.

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Deputies knocked on Barbara Pinkney’s door with an arrest warrant for Tevin Turner, who they believed was inside. When Pinkney did not let deputies inside, they forced their way through the door and into her home.

In the video, they then tased her several times.

Tevin Turner had an arrest warrant for carrying a concealed weapon. Deputies believed he was at Pinkney’s home because the address on his license matched the address of Barbara Pinkney’s home.

According to the Florida Statute 901.19, officers are allowed to gain admittance inside a home.

After she or he has announced her or his authority and purpose in order to make an arrest either by a warrant or when authorized to make an arrest for a felony without a warrant, the officer may use all necessary and reasonable force to enter any building or property where the person to be arrested is or is reasonably believed to be.

When deputies were denied access inside her home they let her know she could also be arrested. They eventually forced their way inside her home where she was tased several times.

"He just pushed his way in. Somehow or another he grabbed my arm, I don't know how that happened but he grabbed my arm. Next thing I know I heard a bang. He shot me in my arm," said Pinkney.

Pinkney was then arrested for obstruction and battery charges.

Deputies were not able to locate Tevin Turner, the man they were looking to arrest. However, they stated he would have had plenty of time to exit the home out the back door while all of this was going on.

ABC Action News reached out to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office, but they declined to comment.