Students and staff forced to move from classrooms after mold was discovered

Posted at 10:56 PM, Aug 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-01 05:56:52-04

A large crew of 45 is cleaning a building on the Lakewood Ranch High School campus after mold was discovered.

Students and staff were forced to move from Building 4 to other buildings on campus temporarily until the mold issue is corrected. Staff moved a Spanish, Science, two Technology classrooms and all JROTC classes from Building 4 because it is now off limits.

Mold was found growing on walls and under desks. Staff alerted the district and they immediately called a team to evaluate.

"Anytime you see a report like that. We want to do the right thing," Ron Ciranna, Deputy Superintendent for Business Services and Operations with the district said.

After the building is cleaned, it will be reinspected before students and staff are allowed to use it.

"It was very worrisome and then when I talked to my daughter she said she didn't have classes in that building so I felt better," Janet Becher, whose daughter is a freshman, said.

District officials said the mold discovered in Building 4 is the lowest form of allergen.

"Anytime we find out that there's any concern that may impact the health, safety, and welfare of our students and staff, we want to be completely transparent and move forward on it and so we did notify every(one) as soon as we could," Ciranna said.

This is the second time crews have removed mold from Building 4. It happened at the beginning of last year too.

"Mold can come about at any all...all it takes is a little moisture and not having a clean surface and that could start it all over again. So even though it may have been clean the first time, if something does occurs again that leads to that development, than you have to address the issue," Ciranna said.

After Building 4 reopens, the district stated they will have a company inspect the other buildings at Lakewood Ranch High School.