Sarasota native's rant about the upcoming MTV reality show 'Siesta Key' goes viral

Posted at 9:29 AM, Jul 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-27 18:42:11-04

A Sarasota native posted a viral rant expressing his detest and concern over the upcoming MTV reality show, "Siesta Key".

The show, created by the same producers of the show "Laguna Beach," follows a group of college students who are back home in Siesta Key for the summer after their first year. The young adults are "confronting issues of love, heartbreak, betrayal, class, and looming adulthood as they spend the summer together in their beautiful hometown," according to MTV.

Louie Carey posted the video on Tuesday after seeing the recently released teaser for the show. 

"I was just frustrated and annoyed at this whole idea of bringing a show down here that seems fake," said Carey.



"I'm sorry but as a Florida native, and more specifically, a native to Sarasota, this show infuriates me on so many levels," Carey wrote in his post. "If they are going to make things up so blatantly during a short stupid teaser, what does that mean for the actual show and our actual beautiful beach?"

Carey details the inaccuracy the trailer of the show portrays about Siesta Key.

The trailer portrays that Siesta Key has perfect weather that is warm, but not too warm and is 73 degrees year round. 

"Very, very infrequently is it 73 degrees. Christmas day was 85 degrees last year," Carey made note of. "The average temperature for the entire month of December last year was 79 degrees.”

He also makes note that the trailer says that a local bar, The Old Salty Dog, is a good place to party at night, when in reality, the bar closes by 9:30 p.m.

From the perspective of a Sarasota native, Carey believes that the only accurate thing the trailer states is that Siesta Key is the #1 beach in America.

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The video goes on to talk about several more inaccuracies that the trailer seems to portray, but overall, Carey's biggest concern is what impact the show will have on the beautiful beach.

“It’s gonna start trashing this place,” Carey said.

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“I truly believe that’s going to be a negative thing for this beautiful place.”

The show is scheduled to air on MTV at 10 p.m. on Monday nights.