Local nonprofit organization traveling to Haiti to take supplies after Hurricane Matthew

Posted at 10:41 PM, Oct 04, 2016

A nonprofit organization is traveling to Haiti to take supplies to help with relief after Hurricane Matthew.

Agape is based in Venice, FL. Later this week, they will fly to Haiti to drop off emergency supplies. The organization helps hundreds of families in a few Caribbean countries.

"The sooner we can get there the better," Agape Pilot, Jeff Yannucciello said.

Yannucciello is also the director of missionary services for Agape. He will be one of two pilots flying on the mission trip. Currently, the team is putting together a Hurricane Matthew Disaster Relief Plan. They need donations to take to Haiti that will get families through the days after the hurricane makes landfall. Some of the supplies people can donate are heavy duty tarps and protein bars.

"As soon as we are able to, we'll look at taking off with a plane load of supplies," Yannucciello said.

Agape has been communicating with missionaries in Haiti as the organization and their partners prepare for the trip to drop off critical supplies.

"The southern part of Haiti is a mess," Eris Labady said.

By phone earlier today, Labady described some of the damage he has heard about already.

"They said the water has gone up (to) most houses. In fact, the boats are right in the middle of the roads right now," Labady said.

Yannucciello called it a privilege to help families. He said Haiti is still rebuilding from the 2010 earthquake and he believes Hurricane Matthew will make things worse for the country.

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