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WWII Veteran facing eviction gets new home

Posted at 6:56 PM, Feb 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-21 22:12:34-05

ABC Action News first told you about a World War II Veteran facing eviction in Winter Haven.

Chet Lebrun’s home is in shambles after Hurricane Irma and he doesn’t have any way to fix the damages.

After our story aired, the community has come together in a big way.

World War II veteran gets eviction notice after FEMA rejects bid to help after Hurricane Irma

“It’s just been overwhelming,” Karen Bingham said.

Bingham, Chet Lebrun’s power of attorney and caregiver, called out for help, to everyone on social media.

And it was just minutes before money started flowing in.

“Fix it, fix it, fix it, how was he going to fix it?” Bingham said Cypress Shores senior living community has sent Lebrun a notice citing his hurricane damage as a violation of the neighborhood’s codes.

But without FEMA’s help, or insurance funds to fix it, Lebrun had nowhere else to turn. 

Chet has a few choice words for how he feels about his damaged home.

“I’d like to put a stick of dynamite in it,” Chet Lebrun said.

“You almost lose hope in humanity and then something like this happens and it just restores your hope in humanity you know,” she said.

Bingham said after she made her call for help public, people from across the nation started to donate to Chet’s GoFundMe account.

Money has not been the only thing donated to Lebrun.

Two anonymous business owners have gotten together and donated a new manufactured home to Lebrun.

“A new home? Of course! Brand spanking new!,” Chet’s face brightens up as he describes the new home to ABC Action News.

“You know we are going to be able t, move him into a new home, a safer place,” Bingham said.

She began to tear up, emotions overcoming her as she realized the huge gift that had been bestowed up her father-like figure.

“It’s got a double fridge, beautiful in there,” he said.

The home is a god send, according to Bingham, and a healthy bank account to fund Chet’s new home expenses.

“As long as he lives now he’s never going to have to worry about his finances again,” Bingham said.

“I would like to meet them and thank them.” Chet said. “You were darn right, doesn’t happen to everybody every day,” he said.

Chet will move into his new mobile home in March.