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World War II veteran receives help after home tests positive for high levels of meth residue

Posted at 7:22 PM, Feb 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-02 07:33:33-05

HIGHLANDS COUNTY, FLA - A company cleaned a WWII Veteran’s home Thursday after there was suspicion the house was contaminated with high levels of meth residue.

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Glenn Rieben purchased the bank-owned property less than a year ago. It is located in Sebring. Rieben said a neighbor told him it used to be a meth house. The Highlands County Sheriff’s Office said they were never contacted and told the home was a drug house, but they said in the past there were some people who were arrested on drug charges. 

Rieben hired a company to test the home and the results came back positive for high levels of meth residue. Rieben did not want to take any chances so he has been living in an RV next to his home.

People heard about Rieben’s story and wanted to help him. Members of the sheriff’s office reached out to a company and they showed up Thursday to clean Rieben’s home.

“I just think the world of veterans. They’re laying down their lives for our country,” Rick Miller with Miller’s Central Air Incorporated said.

Miller’s team cleaned Rieben’s home for free. They spent several hours at the home cleaning the duct system, removing debris from it, sanitizing the evaporator coil, and using chemicals to kill anything that could be trapped in the AC system.

“If we need to come back and do it again for another cleaning, I’d be happy to do that as well for this man,” Miller said.

Rieben said he is thankful for all of the people who are helping him.

“The residual effects of methamphetamine in sufficient quantities can basically devastate a family and cause everybody in there…adults, children, and pets to have all sorts of health problems long term,” Sgt. Jeff Fennell said. 

Sgt. Fennell is hopeful the cleaning will take care of Rieben’s problem.

“It feels good. You’re helping a WWII Vet out who (is) trying to live in his house worry free,” Sgt. Fennell said.

ABC Action News learned the original company that tested Rieben’s home for meth said they are going back to Rieben’s home tomorrow to offer help too.