6 mo breaks world record; youngest water skier

Posted at 11:23 PM, May 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-25 23:23:37-04
An infant may have broken a world record, over the weekend, as the youngest water skier in the world.
Zyla St. Onge was 6 months and 27 days when she waterskied a distance of 686 feet a few days ago.
"My heart was pumping. I was so excited," Lauren St. Onge said.
Zyla's parents hope their daughter broke the world record on Saturday. The family lives in Polk County.
"She went a little farther than we expected, but I was ready on the back of the boat and I was standing there ready to jump in," Keith St. Onge said.
Lauren and Keith St. Onge are both professional water skiers. They have been water skiing, since they were kids.
"It's second nature for us. We don't think it's crazy because it's like walking...water skiing...we grew up with it," Lauren St. Onge said.
The couple plans to show the video to USA Water Ski and the International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation, hoping their daughter will officially have the title of the youngest water skier in the world. 
Zyla's parents said safety will always be important to them.
"It's something we're really comfortable with. We deal with it everyday. She was in a life jacket. We had people there to grab her. It's not different than swimming lessons," Lauren St. Onge said.
Whether their daughter will pick up the sport in the future, Zyla's parents said it will be up to her.
"We're around the water all the time so it's probably going to be natural to her -not going to think about it twice," Keith St. Onge said.