Threatening e-mail sent to Lakeland city commissioner accused of killing man

City commissioner avoids media questions
Posted at 4:32 PM, Oct 18, 2018

LAKELAND, Fla — Lakeland police are trying to find out who sent a threatening e-mail to city commissioners Tuesday about Commission Michael Dunn and his son. They’re also looking into its credibility.

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City commissioner kills man at Lakeland military surplus store after he tried to steal hatchet

This comes while people living in Lakeland wait for the State Attorneys decision whether to charge Dunn with Murdering 50-year-old Cristobal Lopez. Police say he was stealing a hatchet. Security video of the shooting made national news.

ABC Action News spoke to a customer as he left Dunn’s Military surplus store Thursday which was open for business. He says he has no opinion on what happened a few weeks ago, but says the threat isn’t surprising.

"All you have to do is say the wrong word to somebody and next thing you know you’re getting death threats. This is the culture we live in. It’s sad, it’s a sad commentary,” he said.

ABC Action News could not get a comment from Dunn — he taped a handwritten sign on his businesses door that read,  "NO MEDIA, thank you.”

 "Everything you do is in the public eye. If you have a city position or anything in government seating, you are in the public eye,” said Kursula Kirby. She was walking by the store when she saw the note.

For good measure, ABC Action News called the store too. They hung up the phone with no comment.

Lakeland police won't tell us who the e-mail came from but confirm it came in Tuesday around 7 a.m. It says, “Bang bang, pow pow Michael Dunn. We know where you live and where your kid is too.” 

Police continue to ask for patience because they know emotions are high. Comments on Facebook reflect some peoples disgust. It’s how Kirby feels too.

"It was not worth it, killing anybody over hatchet. There is a way to deal with that he could’ve called she could’ve recorded that but it wasn’t worth it,” said Kirby, who thinks the state attorneys office should charge him.

The State Attorneys office should have a decision sometime Friday afternoon.