Husband now faces 1st degree murder charges, autopsy reveals he shot wife 3 times in the back

Posted at 11:31 PM, Jun 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-24 23:31:04-04
Deputies upgraded a charge against a Polk City man, accused of shooting and killing his wife.
Loren Zuraff, 50, is now charged with first degree murder. Wednesday night, investigators said, he called to report his wife had been shot. The couple lived along Grimes Road in Polk City.
According to deputies, with the Polk County Sheriff's Office, Loren Zuraff said he and his wife argued; then he mowed the yard. After that, he said he got into the pool. According to his statement, that's when his wife, Lisa, pointed a gun at him and they fought over it. He said that's when she was shot. Deputies said Loren Zuraff moved his wife to the steps, didn't' check her pulse, but told them she was not moving.
According to deputies they found his wife hunched over, sitting on the steps of the pool. Deputies found the handgun, 2 bullets, 3 casings and a phone in the pool.
According to deputies, Lisa Zuraff's autopsy revealed she was shot 3 times in the back.
The Zuraff's do not have a criminal record. Loren Zuraff remains behind bars.