Troopers: Alleged drunk driver slams into 17 cars

Tony Futch rammed through gate of apt. complex
Posted at 6:49 PM, Aug 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-18 18:49:30-04

State Troopers say a 25-year-old man slammed into 17 parked cars at an apartment complex in Davenport. Witnesses say the driver was so out of it, he couldn't even talk.

It’ll be clean-up and not a relaxing weekend, that Peter Thongsithavong, will have to look forward to.

“Holy crap, what the hell is going on? What happened last night?” were the first thoughts to come to Thongsithavong's head when he walked out of his apartment.

Troopers say Thongsithavong has 25-year-old Tony Futch to thank for that. His Camry is one of 17 cars Futch struck in eight separate crashes overnight. Plus, the Gate Apartment Complex is now left without a working front gate after Futch rammed his car through it.

“God is good, God protected everyone in this building, said John Rostock. He rushed to the parking lot when he heard a loud screeching and a bang.

His buddies dialed 911 but when he approached the driver in the 2003 Blue Chevy Blazer, he quickly realize, the man wasn’t in his right mind.

“He was so bad he didn’t know who he was, he couldn’t stand up," said Rostock.

Futch refused a breathalyzer and so law enforcement sent him to jail. But, it’s not his first time. Back in 2013, his license was revoked for drunk driving.

Those impacted by this incident have a few words of advice for Futch.

“Get yourself some help," said Thongsithavong.

“Thank god he didn’t kill a person," said Rostock, "Because if he killed a person he would have never been able to live with himself.”

For everyone else in the community who may one day think of grabbing the car keys after drinking, Rostock wants them to remember his words.

“Don’t drive drunk. It’s not nice to do because other people’s lives could be lost because of your mistake," he said.