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Giant holes on some Tampa Bay area beaches causing concerns over danger for people, sea turtles

Posted at 3:32 PM, Jun 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-11 19:45:30-04

TREASURE ISLAND, Fla. — There are holes up and down Treasure Island's beach.

While some are big and some are really big, many are potentially dangerous.

"That is the biggest hole I have seen," said Carrie Auerbach.


Auerbach is a beach ambassador in Treasure Island who used to concentrate on beach clean-up, but now she's on hole patrol.

"The next morning, I went out and thought maybe I could fill it in, but I couldn't make a dent. So we had to call the city to bring some equipment in," said Auerbach.

There's a concern people could fall into one of these holes if they aren't paying attention or are walking on the beach when it's dark.

Aside from the concern for people, it's also nesting season for sea turtles that go on to the beach to lay eggs, and eventually, the babies will hatch and could fall in on their way to the ocean.

"We have five different sea turtles here. Some of them are endangered species. So we want to help out," said Auerbach.

The fire department wants to help too.

"I drove the beach yesterday with my fire chief and we found multiple yesterday that were (large) enough to damage a vehicle," said Treasure Fire Department Captain Jeff Logsdon.


Digging holes isn't the problem. It's not filling them back in, which actually violates a city ordinance.

"I want people to come to enjoy our beach. Come have a good time. Dig a hole. Just please fill the hole before you leave," said Logsdon.

Officials are going around to hotels and even places that sell shovels, asking them to remind people how dangerous leaving these big holes can be.