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Counterfeiter strikes at Largo mobile home park during yard sale

Posted at 5:44 PM, Jun 03, 2019

LARGO, Fla. —It was a typical neighborhood yard sale at the Down Yonder mobile home park in Largo, but when it was over, word spread that someone used counterfeit $20 bills to pay.
“It’s terrible that somebody would come into a 55-plus park and take advantage of us. None of us are wealthy in here," said resident Evelyn Garner.
No one is exactly sure how many different people paid with the bogus bills. But Evelyn and another resident named Luan Dean, both got stuck with two fake ’20s.
“When you are at a garage sale, first of all, you don’t think that people are going to be dishonest," said Dean.
Neighbors say about 10 fake bills were used.

The people bought things for just a few dollars and then took real money as change.
Largo Police are investigating what happened Saturday.
They say they’ve seen several counterfeit cases in recent months, but this is the first at a yard sale.
Now everyone here is going to be looking at their bills a lot closer.
“If it’s a true $20 bill you’ll see an image of Jackson on the right-hand side and you’ll see a line that goes down the left-hand side," said Dean.
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