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Pot belly pigs up for adoption at Largo shelter

Tiny piglets will get much bigger
Posted at 5:39 PM, Jan 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-23 17:39:23-05

LARGO, Fla. — Having a pig as a pet isn’t that unusual.

George Clooney had one in his younger days, Babe was a movie star and a recent episode of ABC’s American Housewife featured a swine showdown with a couple arguing over having one in the house.

Now there’s a whole litter of pot belly pigs up for adoption at SPCA Tampa Bay’s shelter in Largo.

“We love having them here. We will be sad to see them go, but we’d love to find them their forever homes,” said Marissa Woods.

The pigs, who are just two months old and won't stay small forever, were dropped off by an owner who said they couldn’t take care of the pigs anymore. Now shelter workers are having a lot of fun feeding the tiny “oinkers” grapes. 

“There’s kind of some misinformation going around, there are these little tiny pigs that are going to stay small forever. But these guys, their mother is about 100 pounds, so they are not going to be very small pets. They are going to be pretty large,” said Woods.

Someone already adopted one of the piglets, so there are five more plus mom still available.

“They are very smart and a lot of people have found they are good companions just like dogs. They are trainable. There are some great videos on the internet of pigs that know how to sit, they know how to do all kinds of tricks,” said Woods.

It’s not legal to own pigs everywhere, so you should check your local code enforcement department.

Shelter workers say they’d prefer those wanting to adopt already have experience owning pigs.

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