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Pasco rolls out new program to save stray cats

Posted at 4:22 PM, Apr 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-16 19:10:25-04

More than 2,000 stray cats came into Pasco Animal Services last year. That’s up 35% from the year before, and those numbers don’t seem to be going down.

Three kittens just arrived Tuesday morning after a coyote killed their mother.

And while it’s tempting to bring strays here, Assistant Director Spencer Conover says the best thing to do is “leave them be.”

“Odds are if you take an animal from their home and bring it to an animal shelter, it’s not going to find its original owners,” he said.

Animal Services is pushing a new "Leave Them Be" program.

They want you to know that sometimes the best way to help a stray or seemingly abandoned kitten is to "Leave Them Be."

Pasco County doesn’t have a leash law and many cats you might find could belong to someone.

Kittens can’t be housed here because they are too susceptible to disease.

Animal Services asks that if you find kittens, and you are positive their mother is gone, care for them until you can find a permanent home.

“Our foster program was unbelievably overburdened and we know we can’t provide that again with the growth in Pasco County,
+to go through another kitten season this summer where we see a ton more kittens come through the shelter," said Conover.

Animal Services says they offer instructions and even a kitten care starter kit to help those who foster.

And as tough as it might be when see these little guys..they say "leave them be."

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