Much needed bus route coming to Moon Lake

Residents hope it helps job opportunities
Posted at 6:20 PM, Jan 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-19 18:20:51-05

Many of those in Pasco County’s Moon Lake area community are living below the poverty level. And just getting places is tough.

“If they have to go some place, they got to get out to 19, Walmart or someplace like that. They are walking,” said resident Scott Drake.

But finally a Pasco County bus will come through the area.

The route starts at Gulf View Square Mall, travels from Ridge Road up Moon Lake Road, and comes out on State Road 52.

This means those without cars will have an easier time doing something as simple as getting groceries.

“They are isolated up in Moon Lake, but not only are they isolated. But it’s a food desert where they have no super markets. The only place they can get food is in convenience stores where it’s junk food,” said Lester Cypher who runs the Volunteer Way.

The bus route also open up the job market for those here who desperately want to earn a living.

“Up there they have no hope. The best they can do is ride a bike to the job. Which is miles away. If it rains they can’t get there,” said Cypher.

Cypher is especially excited because the bus will allow more people to get help.

Whether it’s a free meal, shower, or the job training they plan to offer.

“This will allow them to help themselves and their families. And they’ll have pride and hope in the future,” he said.

Bus route 16 begins Monday. And the first week is free.