Gated neighborhood wants Irma debris cleanup, but crews say there are restrictions

4 weeks after Irma, tree limbs remain
Posted at 4:53 PM, Oct 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-09 17:19:36-04

Troy Olson says his New Port Richey neighborhood didn’t get hit that bad by Hurricane Irma but it did leave downed tree limbs and some minor roof damage for some of his neighbors. 

“There are a lot of worse areas. It’s just we are frustrated.”

He’s frustrated because all those limbs continue to sit with no sign that Pasco County crews are coming to pick it up.

Sue Sandkuhl has a pile right in front of her home.

“Hopefully another storm isn’t going to come through and blow it all over and we have to re-rake it.”

The issue seems to be the gates.

The Reserve at Oak Ridge is a gated community. 

And Pasco solid waste officials said they are not able to collect debris inside until FEMA approves a declaration that would reimburse the county for picking up in a private neighborhood.

But residents said they are taxpayers and are entitled to the help.

“We are no different than anybody else that’s in front of the gates and we just want our stuff picked up,” said Olson.

County Officials said HOA fees should be set aside to cover post storm pick up.

Just  Sunday, crews were hauling off debris from the neighborhood just steps away.

“And they made a turn right by the gate and said we aren’t coming inside a gated community,” said Sandkuhl.

County officials said they are stretched thin when it comes to having the manpower to pick up debris all over the area.

But the work continues.

They have also waived fees at the landfill for those who want to dump storm related debris themselves.