France gives 106-year-old Sarasota WWII vet Legion of Honor Medal

Veteran fought under General Patton
Posted at 7:29 PM, Oct 24, 2017

Surrounded by antique cars at the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum, Gus Andreone outdates them all. He was born in 1911.

“I don’t think of age as anything but just being a number.”

That number is 106. His wife Betty is 100.

“She never lets me do anything I shouldn't do. Always keeps me in line.”

Gus survived the worst of the worst in World World II. He escaped death three times as part of General Patton’s 10th Armored Division that helped finish off the Nazi’s.

“I just done what I done, what I had to do it.”

And because of his part in liberating France, he was honored Tuesday. The Consulate General of France presented it’s highest distinction, the Legion of Honor Medal.

“I didn’t expect it. But that’s France. They are very so appreciative for what we’ve done there.”

You might remember Gus from what he’s done on the golf course. He’s the PGA’s of America’s oldest member. And he has notched eight holes in one during his life. The last came three years ago when he was 103, making him the oldest ever to do it.

“When I made the hole in one I had a driver. Back in my days at 113 yards I would do it with a wedge. But times have changed, life catches up with you. It takes it’s toll.”

You might say, Gus has lead a charmed life, surviving where so many did not. He even won the lottery three times. But because of what he did so many years ago, so many are thankful. And we are lucky to still have him around.