FHP says driver was high on spice when he ran down college student

Suspect was ticketed for another crash same night
Posted at 8:50 PM, Jan 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-27 20:50:07-05
Finding out Scott Yutzy is finally in jail, charged with killing their daughter, isn’t bringing much relief to the Gonzalez family.
“I still feel disgusted,” said Wendy Gonzalez.
They said they’ve known for months Yutzy was under the influence.
According to investigators he ran off State Road 52, slammed into a guard rail and hit Brooke Gonzalez as she walked on the sidewalk back to her apartment in Hudson.
The 19-year-old stand out softball player was set to graduate from Pasco Hernando State College eight days later.
“He was smoking spice. He killed my daughter. He needs to pay,” her mother said.
The Florida Highway Patrol confirmed Friday Yutzy was on Spice on that night last April.
Brooke’s parents are frustrated it took so long to find out.
But what really has them up at night, is the fact Yutzy was in another accident just a few hours earlier.
 The same night, on the same road.
According to FHP, he rear ended another car.
But he was allowed the to leave the scene with just a ticket for careless driving.
The family also dug up some disturbing images of Yutzy on social media.
Including a video where he jokes with a young woman about running people over at a movie theater.
“Let’s start seeing if we can go through the ticket booth, taking out these two with them,” Yutzy said in the video.
The nickname on his Facebook page is Son Of Demons. 
“What kind of person are you to advertise this kind of cruelty and then execute it and live with yourself. I don’t under stand it,” said Brooke’s older brother Bryan.
Adding to this tragic case, Yutzy’s mother is also in prison for DUI manslaughter.
Audrey Yutzy is serving 10 years for for killing an 84-year-old woman in 2010.
Scott Yutzy was arrested in Polk County, but will soon be transferred to Pasco.
Meanwhile, Brooke’s family recreated her room just the way it was in her apartment.
They also hung up several pictures including one taken two days before she died.
They want Yutzy to face severe punishment.
“I want justice for my daughter. That’s what I promised her. And that’s what’s going to happen,” said Wendy Gonzalez.